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2018-07-24 01:36 »

TheFunnyGuyAnton and me daankeeper
We are the new owners of the server, the old owner will keep permission on the server as technical staff
we have or own discord server link will be under it.
there is stuff going to change in the server, we as admin will go make missions there will be weekly events.
we are not going to trow mods on the server but you can talk about it to us on discord there will be 24/7 technical staff to help you guys.
there wil be a donate link on the forum and in discord for the people that want to donate you will get 200k added on your bank account for every dollar/euro you donate.
the price from cars and weapons plane choppers will be change
if you want a map change contact us on discord or on the forum.

lets make armasoldiers cgreate again!! :mibiggrin:
the discord link

Kind Regards,


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