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2017-03-22 14:53 »

All the tanks are disabled for a few days, testing to see how gameplay changes. It is so boring having 2 tanks camping at every store. I saw almost everyone who join server, first thing they do is get a tank and camp at store or use it as taxi. This is way is not World of tanks ( game, this is ArmA! If you just want to get a tank and go boom boom boom, go buy that game and play with the rest of 10 years old kids in it.

This is supposed to be a barren wasteland, hard to survive! OK, I get it, we don't want grind, I hate grind for cash too but really, in which survival wasteland can you get instant tank as a fucking taxi to go shopping safely? Give me a break.

I don't dislike tanks... I will spawn tanks from time to time in server, whoever finds it, can use it but it will be limited number of tanks. Not 1000 tanks. It will be like we spawn an AI mission but with players doing the job of AI. I will spawn tank convoy and they can roam map for a while, it'll be fun. :mrgreen:

...but 2-3 tanks camping at every fucking store... every fucking 10 minutes... oh you can fuck right off. :mimad:

I'm aware that this change will anger some of our players and they will leave... but who cares? This server is 18+, if the 10 years old kids leave, it's not a big loss and we will get more stable better players in time. Just the same way when I disabled the mods, we lost a few players but also had our best record ever, 79 players online at same time. :thumbup:
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