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First, yes I did just click bate a fourm post. 2nd, Ive noticed the server hasn't gotten more than 10 or 15 players in a while. I am on a lot and lately theres just been no one on. I don't know if the tank change effected the player population or not being able to buy heavy vehicles did. All in all, I would rather have a server with more vehicle spam then not have anyone on the server. Thoughts on this and has anyone seen a higher player count? Hey ! can we get a graph for the player count recently because that would be great.


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It's not the tanks... but I won't enable tanks again because the game isn't playable with them. I do spawn tanks from time to time, however. There is also AI missions which have tanks people can capture but I already posted here why it looked like this but there you go, a new fresh graph. The gap in players that you see is because we didn't allow players who had mods to connect because there was so many cheaters... so basically, most players left because they couldn't cheat? I guess I'll never know but the players are coming back slowly again.

Also, it's near spring and many have heavy final exams and such so it's generally busy time for many people.

I have checked some other servers which I usually keep an eye on, they too, have lower player base, one of them almost died and closed. It's just a dry period I guess.

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Tanks.... I love e'm, but on the other hand hate e'm too. It really depends on the style of play (my mood). If I'm hunting people using long guns then Tanks are not my thing. Can't really take them on with sniper rifle (LoL) and carrying Anti-Tank weapon lowers my ability to carry enough sniper ammo for long duration stalking.

Now, if I'm in a mood (crabby, pissed, and want to lay waste to the world) then give tanks!!! :twisted: Nothing puts a smile on my face more than laying round after round from 2 miles away while watching an entire base scramble and die.

As for the Admin's choice of keeping tanks out? I agree.... I've seen them spawn in every now and then (a good balance). It also helps not driving players away who only get tank blasted and rage quit (those looking for lighter weapon game play).

MODS? I'm happy this server has no MODS... While mods are great, they slow down game&netcode performance greatly (sometimes it grinds things almost to a halt). I'm in a Clan that trains on a server with 24gigs of mods and when things get intense, it's almost unplayable (frame rate drops to 10-15). What I like here is everything is smooth and frickin gorgeous (can crank everything to ultra and get 58-60 frames). Bottom line (for me at least)... Playing as if I'm in a world surrounded with disco strobes is just not fun (choppy game play). So, I look for servers that fulfill my need for speed (and great play too). :grin:

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