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since the tanks and heavily armed vehicles have been disabled the armoured cars have taken over, fast moving and powerful guns are hard to beat so i was wondering if we could re-enable the titan AT missile launcher to help deal with fast moving heavily armed cars :grin:

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No because all you need is just 1 RPG and that armed car is dead + driver die instantly. I would enable AT Titans but the problem is that they also work on Quadbikes and regular cars and it would be too unfair. Also, they can be used from very far distances, like 2-4 km away. Also, they don't need to even aim, you just lock, close eyes and boom the target is dead. That's kind'a bullshit. It would make things very boring, specially for fresh spawns if they can't even use a Quadbike.

These armored stuff which you talk about, I meet and kill those regularly with 1 RPG, boom, dead and driver won't be injured, he dies instantly... and a big backpack can have about 7 RPG rounds in it.

You are not supposed to be walking in the streets as infantry without fear, so I think it has good balance. Be more careful and use strategy.

Remember folks! This is not CS:GO, this is military simulation. Don't expect to just walk around and kill armored cars too easy, of course it will be much harder for infantry and must be much more careful, hide better, group with others who also have RPGs, make 50 meters distance between yourselves and there are no armored cars who will be able to kill you. They might get one or two but third guy with RPG will always win... and learn to sneak better... and this is exactly why we don't have any thermals so you can fully do sneaking and hiding.


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