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2017-05-19 20:46 »

With my 4000+ hours gameplay, and having played on most servers, I think I'm pretty qualified to decide what is OP or not, even though I currently don't play too much. The server hasn't changed one bit. Just because we had 4 flight days, everyone is in panic! :lol: :mrgreen: ...the flight days had to be done to test some balancing things. The low player count, as I stated many times, has nothing to do with jets or without jets. This happened to most servers I keep an eye on. It's just up an down, depending on the time of year I guess.

Rangefinder, yeah, I'm a complete idiot so I went and disabled it... are you insane? It's some kind of bug in the latest Arma update when the jet DLC came out. I haven't touched it and DJAR alreay reported this bug so I'm looking into it. :think:

Again, the server hasn't changed one bit. Tanks are still disabled, same with jets. We needed to have a few flight days to test the balance and see how players will play it. "upsetraygun2" has some good ideas which I will ponder about, then I will post any changes coming here and we'll all discuss the before I alter anything.

For now, we are done with flight days... at least this week. :micool:

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I know your 4000+ hours and blaaa. You cant see if its balanced if you dont play - time is rare, i know. We just want you to play with us again! :micool:
I don't panic because of the flight days, its just that you cant do as much against it as before. If you change things because they annoy you like tanks camping stores.. its not the best step to just disable them. I think you had a good thought by reducing the prensence with one tank per person/restart. Maybe there is the possibility to do it like that, just a little bit.. harder. It would be cool if we could find a solution for this, I hope I am not the only one thinking like that. I mean, you can change whatever you want - you are the admin. But it would be nice if you could think about it.

The rangefinder-thing: I wasnt thinking that you disabled it at first, I asked some people because i saw that it doesnt work since the last update. They told me you did - so, sorry for that.

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I would like to state on this same forum that I apologized to mains, now then to business. I updated my topic with the idea me and mains came up with. Also anything that uses "lasing" was changed with latest update. Now you use '\' key to lase, and when used from a vehicle with a weapon it will automatically "dope" the weapon to that exact range. I've been using rangefinders all day :\

So yea, hope we can play again admin, that last dogfight was sick :p

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