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Hey there server!

I have been playing on this server for a couple of days now and I really like it. close to 0 bugs, nice amount of missions and well placed stores. but the economy is f*cked. so heres a couple of suggestions to make the economy better:

1: reduce the spawnmoney to a healthy sum of around 10k
2: award money as well as loot when completing missions
3: add a vehicle garage like they have on Altislife when you have a garage prop in your base so you don't have to buy a vehicle everytime you join
4: do flight day twice a month to keep it interesting and to make players work and do missions so they have more fun during flight day
5: reduce prices 50% on flight day to keep it an actual event

Feel free to add more suggestions

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A few changes

1 I mean make people work and do missions to make money so they feel like they really earned it to have fun on flight day

2 there is this object at the general store called a garage and it's all fun and that but it would be nice if you could save vehicles there so they don't dissapear and possibly an option to raid garages at other bases

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Thanks for playing here and liking this place. About your money suggestions, the whole idea of this server is that you do not need to grind for money. All players get the chance to have equal gear no matter how many hours they play. This way, only skills matter not how many hours you grind for money.

I do not like the magical garage where cars go invisible into safety. Because of the big start cash, we do not have vehicle saving feature enabled because it would fill the map full of dead vehicles and lag the place.

Flight day was supposed to be once a week but at times when player count is low, I put it on all days of week.

During the entire summer, we have had super low player count, probably the weather. We used to have 60 players a night easy back in winter.

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