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2017-03-16 21:48 »

Hello everyone.

I have a trouble with connection to server altis. I disconnect after 2-3 minutes after connecting. I know that you made some changes with connection to server but i always run arma3 without any mods like on image

I have this trouble with all servers in Arma3. Your server was unique where i can play. But after your charges "We do not allow game clients to have any mods loaded when they connect to our server(s)." i cant connect and play game.

I will say in advance what I did all the tips that you can find in Google. And no trouble with battleye, he is running everytime.

If u can help me, I can contact the administration, go to the server, and they look in the logs what is wrong with my client.

Please hel me with my trouble.

P.S. I Dont have Apex addon, maybe it is a trouble...