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Kick this guy or ban him for stealing and teamkilling
I warned him three to tell him to land the v44 blackfish and return it to me , he didnt listen and kept going . Then he jumped out and destroyed it
P:S: Could ya unpunish my friend Snake Screwing for killing him to telling him not to do that .

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We don't help with teamkilling because game has the "Punish" function. If someone kills you, die... and game asks "Punish" or "Forgive"... "Punish" two times and he gets kicked to green (independent/indie) team. You can't do two wrongs and make it right. If you teamkill and he punishes, you get kicked also. It's game design and it's automatic. Best thing is to make him kill you twice and "Punish".

One other thing, if you don't like random idiots... you can join the indie green (independent) team. Green team is not like Red or Blue. Green team has no side chat. Green team can kill ALL, Red+Blue+Green. There is no "Punish" for green because green team can kill all colors. Also, unlike Red or Blue, Green team does not see other greens on the map. Green team has group-function, however. It means, it is perfect for base building because no one else will see your position on map... and you can join Green team with your friends and group with each other in there. Then you can see your own private group on map and you won't have to worry about random idiots.

Blue and Red are usually where the noobies go... when you have a few friends who join you, I recommend you to go Green team. Much better... of course, life as green is very hard... hehhhe... but... much more peaceful and fun.

Long story short... go indie! :mrgreen:


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I hate going green team LOL
Because most of the airfields are occupied by BLUFOR

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