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The Phantom Fighter
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2017-05-14 00:49 »

Hey !, remember me? Anyway, flight day is absoulute hell, but not because of what you think. The ability to spawn at a vehicle store is way to op and is really anooying for people who got there themselves. The vehicles themselves are pretty destructive, and I have a list of vehicles that are ok and not ok if you want to survive for more than 20 seconds.

Good: Pawnees, armed orcas, and armed hellcats. These actually takes skill witch means no one on the server can use them because all they do is but a-10s and fail to use them properly. Also, armed blackfish since its really difficult to use and you need a multi person crew. Consider adding these vehicles into the server without a time limit.

Bad: The tanks and all the other jets and blackfoot/kajman are all terrible for a 1 million start server.
In conclusion: Flight day sucks but there are a few vehicles you should consider keeping.

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2017-05-14 02:29 »

Hahhha... I was awaiting such a post soon or later. Yes, well, flight day is supposed to be temporary only. These few days were just a test of it, to see how gameplay changes and what suggestions come in. This is mostly because of the new jet DLC which will be release soon so I had to prepare it a little earlier.

The random spawn near vehicle store is needed because I want players to be able to fly faster than normal days but I see what you mean... I might change this (if I can, no promises because it's hard) that you become invincible while in the vehicle shop area so you can fly with your jet easier without getting instantly killed. :smile:

Flight day isn't a permanent change, we'll have this flight day, maybe once a week or something... or maybe just 2 hours per day.

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and now the aa tanks are disabled you cant survive 2 minutes after spawning, i would recommend one of these

1:disable the feature where it tells you when there are enemies at the vehicle store on flight day
2:re-adding them and making price 900,000 on flight day
3:spawning with a titan and 3 rockets on flight day

i will post a poll so that you can see what others thing (personally i like option 3) and then you can make a decision
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