Gameplay help, server and mission information.
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Helpful keyboard shortcuts:
  • "~" ("§" for some Europeans).
    • Brings up the "Player menu".
  • "/" ("-" for some Europeans).
    • Chat text box for talking.
  • "DELETE".
    • Emergency eject, from air, land and water vehicles.
  • "END" "U".
    • Earplugs put in and out of ears. Lowers the sound volume.
  • "ENTER".
    • The far right "ENTER" key will switch between first and third person view.
  • "H".
    • Holster and unholster weapon.
  • "K".
    • Hold to see compass.
  • "M".
    • Brings up the map.
  • RIGHT "CTRL"+"M".
    • Brings up the mini map (GPS). Fresh spawns can use this too.
  • "N".
    • Activated night vision goggles.
      • While activated, using "PAGE UP" and "PAGE DOWN" will adjust the light intensity.
  • "O".
    • Hold to see game world clock.
  • "P".
    • Hold to see current session's scoreboard.
    • Scrolls up and down in chat text box to show earlier chat text.
  • "V".
    • When on ground, you can use it to climb over obstacles.
    • While free falling from air, open, cut and re-open the parachute.
  • "Windows key".
    • Hides / Shows player names.
    • Works only for your group or side, you can not see enemies or their names on the map.
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